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Education with Motion Detection

Kal Tire
Products & Services Eucational
2015 • 2016
Event Detail:

Educational to Kal Tire products and services, during internationl Exposition:

  • Sydnay
  • Las Vegas
  • Johannersburg



During the sector fairs in Sydany, Las Vegas and Johannersburg, Kal Tire asked us to develop an interaction that would allow them to do educational about their services and products.

We have thus developed an app, which through user interaction by means of a Lep Motion, allows you to rotate and observe in detail a 3D model (made by us) of a Caterpillar mining truck, so as to view the position of the sensors applied. for the maintenance of oversized tires produced by Kal Tire.

The user also had the possibility to point the finger at each of the sensors, identified with a circle, allowing the application to focus the 3D model on the sensor and open a window containing the explanation of the sensor, its purpose and its advantages.

The application has been implemented to ensure continuous operation without interruptions or annoying lag. The hardware for which it was developed was a MacMini with OSX.

A pod dedicated to the application was replicated in each of the trade fairs in which Kal Tire took part, within its stand (designed by Competitive Mind Srl.).

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