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We create emotions.
We move forward.
We are phigital.
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We support communication activities.
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We’ll help you to think differently.

Who We are

We Are
We are a team of technology and communication enthusiasts. Our cross-discipline team and commitment allows us to find successful and innovative solutions for our clients to engage their audiences. Based in Rome we can deliver projects and solutions everywhere in the world.
We Work
We are flexible, but project planning is essential for us.
We believe a well-structured process helps our team to complete projects more efficiently.
Clear and organized plans save time and resources. You can contact us for further details.
We Team
We transform your event into a very engaging moment by using new technological solutions and creative ideas. The We Motion team works in synergy with the other group’s companies to design integrated communication projects. Creative designers, developers and digital communication experts make your brief a unique opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities.
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We create Emotions.
Via Laurentina 488
00143 • Roma • Italy
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