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• We manage your guests.
• We lead Digital Donation
We are in the midst of a great digital transformation that is changing the way people.
Our platforms are designed for manager guests during small and big events, or manage digital fundraising through exclusive physical donation boxes are realized on our clients needs.

Our Guests Platform

We have internally developed a platform capable of satisfying all your requests.
We can manage all kinds of events, from a simple gala dinner to more complex events with hundreds and thousands of guests and multiple event days, with specific activities for each hour of the day, different for each single day of the event.

We have focused our efforts to create an extremely modular and customizable platform, guaranteeing maximum security of your guests' personal data, guaranteeing their privacy in full compliance with the most stringent EU GDPR regulations.
Our platform for the management of guests at the event, allows you to manage every single phase starting from the sending of the invitation emails, customizing their appearance, their text and also adding any attachments, up to the possibility of notifying each individual. suspected, or group of guests, via text message, any program changes or emergencies.

There are no limits to its possibilities ... just in case, we are ready to add new features.
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Our Devices Platform

We develop a brand new platform, for manage all the devices we create, charity and more.
Every device is full customizable and the platform gives you the full control of it.
You can mange all the elements of the user interface (e.g. video, images, text, colors, and more), hardware settings and read the complete reports (e.g. by day, range of days, month or more). Just login with your account and access to all the settings of your devices.

We continue to develop our platform, to give you more futures and more controls.
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Our Devices

Our platform is compatible with all the devices we delevop and produce with our network partner Competitive Mind srl.
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