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Divertimento Assicurato

Alleanza Assicuraizoni
Game with Leap Motion
Event Detail:

Alleanza Italian National Tour:

  • Develop a Custom Game for kids.
  • Easy to use and funny for kids and parents.
We Motion - AlleanzaAss-Gioco-Draghetto

The concept of the game "Divertimento Assicurato" was born from the request of the customer Alleanza Assicurazioni, Who wanted entertainment for children and adults, a game that was simple and at the same time fast, allowing a quick tournover of the target.

We started with the drawing of the dragon (made by the creative department of Competitive Mind srl) and from this we arrived at the concept of the final game.

To make the interaction with the protagonist of the game simple and safe, we adopted motion detection technology, taking advantage of Leap Motion, which at the time represented an innovation that had not yet arrived in Italy.

The game mechanics were very simple, but thanks to the colorful and playful graphics and the type of interaction it was a winning tool, during the 120 stages throughout the country.

The game consisted of making the Alliance Assicurazioni Dragon Fly in all directions by moving the hand and collecting as many coins as possible. The publication of the records on video generated a winning engagement with continuous challenges in search of the new record.

WeMotion-AlleanzaAss-Interazione Gioco-Draghetto
WeMotion-AlleanzaAss-Interazione Gioco 2-Draghetto
We develop the game for the event organized by our network partner Competitive Mind srl.
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