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Events App

iOS and Android App
Event Detail:

The App is downloadable by all guests, who participate in Mastercard events.

  • Access is reserved for guests only
  • Allows advanced chat and social functions between guests

To simplify and make Mastercard events even more engaging, we have developed an app for iOS and Android with advanced features.

The Events App is perfectly integrated with our Guests Platform and allows each individual guest to access all the information of the event, from the program to any QRCodes specifically generated to access the reserved areas.

Events App sections

There is a Chat section, in which guests can chat privately with each other, without having to exchange the telephone number, it is sufficient that they belong to the same group or are invited to the same event.

A Social section, where they can share photos and public messages, among all the participants in the event or belonging to the same group of guests.

A QR Code section, where guests will find, where provided, a unique QRCode dedicated to them, which will allow access to restricted areas.

A Notifications section, where guests can find notifications sent through our platform, which may concern any program changes, emergencies or simple service communications.

A Program section, where the guest can view the event program at any time, for single day or general.

The Events App was conceived and developed with the guests of the event at the center, for this reason we have emphasized the intrinsic security of the app. The app is fully compliant with the most stringent EU GDPR regulations.

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