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AXA Biometric Billboard

AXA Assicurazioni
UI and Biometric sensor management
Event Detail:

Special Biometrics Billboard for all the Italian Office of AXA

  • Cardiac biometric sensor via fingerprint sensor.
  • Height meter
  • Pressure weight sensor

Software to manage to generate a personalized biometric card.


The idea of the Biometric Billboard was born from the reception of the AXA brief, which highlighted the need to promote a series of health insurance packages. Furthermore, the request specified the need for an educational target, also capable of suggesting a healthy lifestyle.

We have thus conceived an instrument (without claiming to have a medical value), capable of generating a physical record of the target and on the basis of recognized tables, which take into account the registered parameters (heartbeat, height and weight) and the age of the target, generated useful advice for a healthier ita, in the name of sport and proper nutrition.

The final report also shows AXA Group's best health insurance package.

We develop the hardware and the sosftware. The structures were built by Competitive Mind srl.
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