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AI IBM Watson Interaction

Watson AI Interaction and Hologram
Event Detail:

Educational on IBM's AI Watston, during the national and international exposition.
Software for voice and movments interaction with IBM AI Watson.

IA Interaction - IBM Watson - Room - We Motion

To launch the AI IBM Watson service, we were asked to develop a software capable of interacting with the AI ​​in the most natural way as possible.

We immediately accepted the challenge to put ourselves to the test, after a month of research, development and testing we have developed a software capable of receiving voice and "gestural" interactions from users, processing them and transmitting them to AI IBM Watson to allow them to generate responses.

AI Interaction

The AI interaction and its processing required an optimization work that allowed us to obtain extremely low lag times, with extreme customer satisfaction.

The AI software, in a more complete version, was accompanied by a structure that reproduced a hologram, represented the spiritual brain of Watson and interacted, through pulsations, movements and rotations, based on the presence of people nearby and above all on the explicit requests of users.

We took care of the software, the optimized algorithms for sharing requests and reprocessing the responses received from AI Watson, as well as the interactive real-time hologram.

The structures, both in the portable version with Lep Motion, and in the more structured version with the hologram, were designed and built by Competitive Mind srl.

IA Interaction - IBM - Totem Mono facciale - WeMotion
IA Interaction - IBM - TotemA - WeMotion
We develop the UI and the software to interact with IBM IA Watson. The structures were built by Competitive Mind srl.
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