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Guest Platform

Mastercard, Sport e Salute, Renault
National and International Events
  • Venice Conema Film Festival 2022
  • Milano Fashon Week 2022
  • Sport e Salute VIP Guest Accreditation
  • Reanult Italia Test Drive booking


Our experience in the management of guests, gained in national and international events, has allowed us to develop our own Platform capable of satisfying every customer request.

The modular development of our platform guarantees total customization, offering the best solution for every type of event, from the simplest, with few guests and a single day of activity, to the most complex with hundreds of guests and multiple events over the course of several days of event.

The software infrastructure provides one or more guest registration front ends, an automatic DEM system, with the possibility of differentiating the mailings by type of customer or date of participation (also adding any attachments, such as the event program for specific guests , in PDF format), an SMS sending system to ensure maximum flexibility of communication with the guest at the event, even during the event itself.

The fields of the platform are fully customizable during the preparation phase of the event, from the simple time and means of arrival, to the management of sensitive data but necessary for the conduct of the event, such as allegations and food preferences (to allow you to organize lunches and inclusive dinners, without the risk of disappointing even a guest), all in full compliance with the strictest and most recent EU GDRP regulations.

Thanks to the modularity of the platform, we are able to configure multile levels of access to the backend, to allow partial consultation of the data according to the activities to be carried out, as well as total access, each access must be aturized and certified through Art28 and Art.29 of the GDPR EU and for accounts enabled to access partial or total data in the back end, a double authentication factor access (2FA) is always provided.

The platform guarantees the highest standard of IT security, a redundant hardware and software system and continuous backups. For us, data security and confidentiality is an essential point.

Guest Platform Security

Security is an essential element for us, which is why our platform was developed taking into account the most stringent EU GDPR regulations.

By default, our platform imposes a double authentication factor access (2FA), in order to maintain a high level of security.

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