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Devices Platform

Mastercard, Intesa San Paolo
Devices Monitoring and UI Customization

Charity Devices (Showcase and Billboard)

  • Monitoring, Reports
  • UI Customization

Airport Fast Track

  • Monitoring, Reposrts
  • Sonic Brand Customization


Our ambition has always been to produce integrated systems, able to offer each of our customers the opportunity to interact with our hardware and software, in total autonomy.

With this goal in mind, we have developed and made operational our "Devices Platform", which integrates perfectly with the devices we have designed (present and future).

Thanks to our platform, when you buy one of our devices, you can manage and customize it in total autonomy.

Devices Platform Benefits

Each device designed by us is based on hardware studied and assembled by us with Linux OS.This approach guarantees us the development of optimized software on our hardware, but also the development of highly customizable software that can meet the needs of our customers.

The advantages of our cloud platform, start from the base, because it is perfectly integrated with our software and our hardware.This integration extends to every element that makes up the user interface (when foreseen), allowing the customer to act on it and proceed with the update remotely, without having to physically act on the device or having to restart it.

A further advantage is the total control of the hardware remotely. An example are the Billboard Charity designed by us, which allow you to remotely manage not only the type of POS to be enabled (brand and model), but also the color of the LEDs that illuminate the sides of the structure and change color based on the outcome of the donation.

Devices Platform Security

Security is an essential element for us, which is why our platform was developed taking into account the most stringent EU GDPR regulations.

By default, our platform imposes a double authentication factor access (2FA), in order to maintain a high level of security.

Each customer accesses only the devices assigned to him.
Customers can request more than one access account, for the management of their devices, each with different privileges.

In addition, our team of developers is constantly working to keep the platform up to date and safe… as well as implementing new useful features.

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